Rolf A. Leemann: Windspiel. Gedichte.
Skepsis Verlag, Zürich 2017
ISBN: 978-3-9524188-1-9

ROLF A. LEEMANN, MA Comparative Literature, U of Illinois, Urbana

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA

  • 1978 Preliminary Exam for Doctorate in Comparative Literature, ABD
  • 1977 MA in Comparative Literature, „with flying colours" (Prof. H. Knust).
    Studies included German, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan, and (in translation) Persian (Hafiz) and Hindi literature (Kalidasa e.a.) .
    Honor Societies:
    Phi Delta Phi (French)
    Phi Kappa Phi (Interdisciplinary).
  • 1964-1975 University of Zurich, Switzerland
    Student worker; Romance Lang. & Literatures, mainly Fr. and It.
    Essay on Flaubert accepted as “Thčse excellente" by Georges Poulet.
    Prize-winning paper on Alessandro Manzoni:
    Paesaggio e struttura in “I Promessi Sposi," with Prof. Reto Bezzola.
  • 1968/69 Université de Caen, France
    concentrating on Translation (French/German)
  • 1963 Winterthur Music Conservatory, Switzerland
    Theory Diploma (w. Ernst Hess)
  • 1961 Oberseminar Zürich, Switzerland
    Elementary School Teaching Diploma


  • 2009 Teacher of English at University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur, CH:
  • 1964-1975 / 1981-2005 Teacher of French and Italian at Gymnasiums in Winterthur
  • 1991 Colloquium taught at Zürich University: Contemporary American Poetry:
    1992 Raymond Carver, story and poem
  • 1988-2009 Teacher of Spanish at Technikum Winterthur (later U of Applied Sciences)
    French and Italian, 1988-2009 (occasionally)
  • 1981 Courses taught at University of Illinois, Urbana, USA:
    German 100/200, French 123,134, 215, 217 Italian 100, 400
  • 1975 Volkshochschule Winterthur (Continuing Education Program):
    Littérature et Société (un regard sur la littérature qui se fait en France)
  • 1961-1964 Elementary School Teacher in Oberwinterthur (4th through 6th grade)



  • 1980 „Josep Carner: The Elegiac Tendancy“ in: Segon col.loqui d’estudis catalans a Nord America
    (Paper given in English at Yale, 1979)


  • 2009 CD Booklet for Sergio Cárdenas, Composer, Music Director, Mexico City
  • 1996 CD Booklet for Walther Giger, Composer, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 1976- pres.: German, French, Italian, English, Spanish poems passim, among which
    • English poems in Matrix I –VIII, Urbana, Plainsong, Bowling Grenn, KY
    • Spuren, Fährten, Zeilensptrünge, with Rudolf Deertz, artist (2000, ed. Michael Wissmann, Uster, CH)
    • German poems in Winterthur anthologies (1986, 1992, ed. Gerhard Piniel und Beat Schenk)
    • Italian poems in Algol (Bologna, 1994), Voci Nostre (Ancona, 1994)

s. also this Site "lyrik online" - - Site hosted by Skepsis Verlag, Zurich


  • 2003 Richard Powers; author of the System Novel Gain (talk given at ZHAW)
  • 1990 Isidro Fernández-Blasco, artist (Cáceres, Spain, Frauenfeld, CH, 1995)
  • 1990 Rolf Forster, artist (Frauenfeld)
  • 1991 Elsbeth Pfenninger-Holzhey, writer (Solothurner Literaturtage)
  • 1983 and 1985 Kathy Rose; transl. of performance reviews in French papers
  • 1979 Prof. Carl Dahlhaus, translation of his Millercom Lecture „The Idea of
    Absolute Music“ at U of I, Urbana, IL
  • 1973 Philippe Jaccottet, poet, novelist, translator at Lit. Vereinigung, W’thur

Readings: Winterthur (1) Zurich (2), Urbana (2, one of which at U of I Radio)


  • 1996 Agha Shahid Ali
  • 1995 Allen Cheuse
  • 1990 Marvin Bell
  • 1988 William Stafford
  • 1982 Ishmael Reed
  • 1982 Charles Wright